I think I love Pinterest, but I’ve noticed a few new pin boards dedicated to what a seductive time waster it is. And it certainly is. Both seductive and time wasting. For no particular reason I find myself typing ‘P’ in my search bar and the Pinterest page automatically opens up and I start scrolling … and scrolling … and scrolling … back to top … refresh … scrolling … scrolling … you get the picture … pun intended. After about 200-300 images have flashed past, I start to realise that I’m looking at hairstyles and nail decoration and skirts and wedding gowns and origami poppies and puppies and I scream out (inside, not out loud) …’WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN? IF YOU ARE A MAN!!’ So now I’m blogging. I’ve decided that it’s my default addiction alternative. Tempted by Pinterest? Write a blog. That’s the plan.

Parables of Leadership – Choreography

Samantha was agent for John … on commission … and John was ready to sell. Jim arrived early to buy but Samantha was late to the meeting … to control … Which left John on his own with Jim. Jim got a great deal. John wasn’t over the moon, but it was done. Samantha lost her commission. Decisions are made by those who turn up. On time.


“There is something quite definite I have to say, and I have it so much upon my conscience that (as I feel it) I dare not die without having uttered it. For the instant I die and thus leave this world (so I understand it) I shall in the very same second be infinitely far away, in a different place where still within the same second the question will be put to me: ‘Hast Thou uttered the definite message quite definitely?’ And if I have not done so, what then?”

Journals (ed Dru), p493