A Closer Look at Internet Addiction

One of the sites I follow on my Twitter account is Urban Times. Being an avid city lover I was attracted to the site by its urban focus, but they often have interesting pieces like this one on Internet Addiction. It’s worth checking out for everyone, but especially if you have young children, or if you are  already an Internet Addict!!\r\n\r\nA Closer Look at Internet Addiction.

Sunday School, Circa 1950

“Who made you?” was always\nThe question\nThe answer was always\n”God.”\nWell, there we stood\nThree feet high\nHeads bowed\nLeaning into\nBosoms.\n\nNow\nI no longer recall\nThe Catechism\nOr the brood on the Genesis\nOf life\nNo.\n\nI ponder the exchange\nItself\nAnd salvage mostly\nThe leaning.\n\nAlice Walker, Revolutionary Petunias and Other Poems

Leadership Impossibilities

No one whose senses have been exercised to know good or evil can but grieve over the sight of zealous souls seeking to be filled with the holy spirit while they are living in a state of moral carelessness and borderline sin.


Whoever would be indwelt by the spirit must judge his or her life for any hidden iniquities.


[They] must expel from [their] heart everything that is out of accord with the character of God as revealed by the Holy Scriptures …


There can be no tolerance of evil, no laughing off the things that God hates.


A W Tozer



Wisdom … is the ability to live skilfully, the ability to choose to live rightly, to choose to produce things of lasting value to God and the community (ibid).\n\nWisdom … the ability to understand, to distinguish between things, to compare concepts, form evaluations, to make analogies (ibid).\n\nWisdom … to distinguish permanent values from immediate gratification (ibid).\n\n(From NIVBC Vol1).


“There is something quite definite I have to say, and I have it so much upon my conscience that (as I feel it) I dare not die without having uttered it. For the instant I die and thus leave this world (so I understand it) I shall in the very same second be infinitely far away, in a different place where still within the same second the question will be put to me: ‘Hast Thou uttered the definite message quite definitely?’ And if I have not done so, what then?”

Journals (ed Dru), p493