Leave no stone unturned … in prayer

It may have been a typical experience, but troubling none the less, when my prayers drifted off into nothingness this morning as I prayed. The particular prayers I have in mind concerned two people both in need of an intervention by God if their lives are to be whole and complete.\n\nIn my mind were the words that described Jesus when he ‘prayed earnestly’ and I started well and in earnest. And also those words quoted often here, that ‘It is possible to move men by God through prayer alone’.\n\nWithin seconds I imagine, for really I cannot remember, my mind was blank. It wasn’t drifting onto other things. It wasn’t distracted. It wasn’t reflecting on the weekend sport or the day’s activities ahead. It was just … blank.\n\nStartled, I started again. I named the people involved and prayed out loud as I imagine earnest prayer should sound, and again, within seconds, my mind was blank. Coming back to prayer was harder this time because I was unsure of my ability to actually pray.\n\nSo with more focus and determination I started to actually think of specific areas and items for prayer for these two people. I prayed small prayers at first, about their memories of the weekend recently past, for their conversations, for their work, their aspirations for the day ahead. For their financial well being, and their friendships, and their homes and … so on. Then I tried to put myself into their situation. I prayed for their ability to reflect well on their circumstances and so to grow in wisdom.\n\nIn these prayers I prodded and pried into my mind to uncover new areas to pray about.\n\nIt was like turning over stones on the beach to look at them from different angles and so determine which one should go into the bucket as a treasure.\n\nThat was the picture. Turning stones. Leaving no stone unturned.\n\nHow long should it take?\n\nHow big is the beach?

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