A Measurement Scale of Achievement

I LOVE the crazy words of Tom Peters (sometimes? often? not sure) like this scale of 1 to 10 on the value of things we do,\r\n\r\nwhere 1 is pretty worthless\r\nand 10 is pretty extraordinary.\r\n\r\nIt goes like this:\r\n\r\nGive it a 1 – it pays the rent but nothing else\r\nGive it a 4 – we do something of value\r\nGive it a 7  – it’s pretty damn cool (and definitely subversive)\r\nGive it 10 – we aim to change the world.\r\n\r\nThe measure of success is: Does It Take Your Breath Away\r\n\r\nAs this is Tom Peters it’s backed up with a few poster sized quotations from stars:\r\n\r\n“Astonish me” said choreographer Seigei Diaghivev\r\n“Build Something Great” said Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamanchi\r\n“Make It Immortal” said David Ogilvy\r\n\r\nHow to achieve it in others?\r\n\r\n“Reward Excellent Failures: Punish Mediocre Successes”\r\n… said Phil Davik in the Tom Peters Seminar

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