‘The New Competence’ of Leadership

In the early 1980s, as the leadership movement was starting to gather momentum, Donald N Michael identified these five abilities for the agile leader in a fast changing new era. He called them ‘the new competence’. They are:\r\n


  1. Acknowledging and sharing uncertainty
  2. \r\n

  3. Embracing error
  4. \r\n

  5. Responding to the future
  6. \r\n

  7. Becoming interpersonally competent (i.e. listening, nurturing, coping with value conflicts etc.)
  8. \r\n

  9. Gaining self-knowledge.
  10. \r\n

\r\nMarking each of these out of 5, I wonder how I’m doing?\r\n\r\nI think, better than halfway, not quite three quarters.\r\n\r\nWork to be done.

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